Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday Review: Shiro Cosmetics

This week I received my first order of makeup from Shiro Cosmetics. I had been looking into ordering myself some makeup, and when I found a company with geek themed cosmetics, it seemed a perfect fit!

The company currently has three collections, each with a rather large array of colors. The Legends collection is based on the Legend of Zelda, The Super Effective collection on Pokemon, and The Science Collection on Portal.

I ordered on the 30th, and received my items on the 7th, so a very fast turnaround. The owner ships 6 days a week and carries a three-day turnaround, so if there's a delay, one can definitely blame the post office!

My order arrived in a padded envelope with this cute little package, and two pieces of asian candy, inside. Shipping was only $2.50, which considering postage and the bubble mailer, is about at cost. A major plus for this company.

For my first order I ordered 15 sample packets. I really liked how they all came with labels containing all the ingredients. Each sample contains a 1/4 teaspoon, which is enough for quite a few applications. What impressed me was that the order came with two extra samples, a nice surprise considering I didn't order any full size products.

The application of the product was very smooth. The eyeshadow didn't feel at all uncomfortable, which is something I've had a problem with before with my sensitive skin. While there really wasn't any fallout with my swatches, I would probably recommend wearing a primer with these to give them a bit more staying power.

The colors are extremely beautiful and vibrant. One thing I will note is that even the eyeshadows that don't have glitter in them are still extremely sparkly. For me, this wasn't a problem and was actually a plus, but for those wanting something matte, you would want to look elsewhere.

Here are swatches of the samples I purchased. I tried to keep them as true to color as possible:
left to right: Vulpix, Rapidash, Charmander, Pikachu
left to right: Gengar, Poliwrath, Articuno, Squirtle
left to right: Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Mew
left to right: Din's Fire, Majora's Mask, Ganondorf, Link

I had an especially hard time getting a good picture of Din's Fire, it's an extremely pretty pale lilac, but it refused to show up in pictures for me.

One extremely cool thing about these products that sets them apart from the rest, is that each one is labeled with whether or not it's safe to use on your lips. For instance, Gengar, my favorite color (definitely going back for more of this) is not lip-safe, while Jigglypuff is. For reference on how these look on your lips, I used the two free samples that came in my package.
I Feel Fantastic and Team Rocket

These were both applied wet, I have heard that if you mix the powder with some vaseline it makes an easier application. As is, I didn't really like the amount I had to pack on to get the color pay off. Also, it very easily washed off with a little soap and water so I would worry that unless you're maybe using something like a lip primer that as soon as you take a drink it will come right off. Still, they do cause an interesting effect, so it might be worth experimenting to try and get more staying power.

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with my order and would gladly purchase from this company again. In fact, as soon as they have their custom color services open again, I plan on getting myself a trio based on my favorite girls of Gotham City. Can't wait to see what the owner designs off of those Sirens!

TILT: Stars In My Eyes




Quick nebula nail art tutorial. You can see two versions of the finished design and the specific nail polishes she used here and here.

Astronomy magazine. For when you, you know, want to understand antimatter and stuff. Okay, so this is a bit more on the astronomy geek side, but hey astronomy needs love too! Especially with the space program ending and all that. Plus, pretty space pictures are always, well, pretty.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Webcomic Wednesday: Gunnerkrigg Court

Gunnerkrigg Court is an incredibly interesting webcomic. It revolves around a girl, Antimony, who goes to a boarding school where all sorts of mysterious and fantastical things happen. The thing that separates this webcomic from others for me is that it has many layers. What at first seems an incredibly random sequence of events slowly begins to unveil itself as a mysterious plot that gets more intriguing by the chapter.

If you're into fantasy, mythology, or mystery stories I definitely recommend that you check out this comic. Heck, if you just happen to enjoy webcomics, I recommend this comic. The art is both lovely and unique, the plot is divine, and the story has a richness and depth to it that doesn't disappoint.

You can read this fantastic comic: here.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Crafty Tuesday: Cuteness Overload

Lately I've been seeing a lot of cute jewelry designs around the internet. Only, they all came with rather large price tags I couldn't quite stomach. So, doing a little research, I found a place where I could get my own supplies for cheap and with the magic of glue, made my very own! Here's a quick tutorial in case you want to make some too!

Step 1: Gather supplies. While you can go get your cabochons, hair pieces, and rings seperately, I ordered a 50 piece bag of B-grade supplies from Delish Beads. You'll also need some form of super glue. I used a japanese deco glue, which I suspect is just nail glue in disguise.

Step 2: Dump all the pieces out like a messy 5-year-old.

Step 3: Pull out all the rings and hairclips you find. You can also buy extras if you want. Match the pieces to whatever cabochons you think would look best with them.

Step 4: Carefully glue the cabochons to their bases. Then, impatiently wait for them to dry.

Tip: If like me, you wear a slightly larger ring size, I recommend trying on and adjusting the metal backing while the glue is slightly tacky, but not completely dry. I've known pre-made rings to crack at the glue when the metal is pried, and this way you don't have to worry about that!

Step 5: Enjoy your new cute jewelry! Keep them for yourself, or give them away as gifts. I think they would make great party favors for a little girls party! Unique and cheap, but durable enough to not fall apart the very next day.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Blog Schedule!

As you may have noticed, I took last week off from my blog. Well, I should say, I took last week off from posting on my blog! Last week was spent with many days thinking and brainstorming and working on articles so that now, my blog is officially a 7 day a week blog! Here is my current schedule:

  • Mix-it-up Monday: My free day each week, where I talk about whatever I happen to feel that day, from amazing artists I find online, to awesome conventions and amusing renfaires. The possibilities are endless.

  • Crafty Tuesday: This will be where I post my craft and baking projects, and even some tutorials!

  • Webcomic Wednesday: Where I find all the amazing webcomics out there and share them with you!

  • Things I Like Thursday: Each week I pick a theme of things I enjoy and show you my top picks in that category.

  • Friday Review: Where I review geek-themed products that I happen to pick up along the way.

  • Throwback Saturday: It's time to highlight all those older sci-fi comics, movies, and television series, that while no longer on the air, are still worth watching!

  • Comic Review Sunday: For those who prefer their comics in print, here is where you'll find my reviews of my latest reads.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TILT: Cuter Than A Cupcake




Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Webcomic Wednesday!

I love in print comics, the feel, the glossy pages, it's all very wonderful. Today, however, is about looking beyond the regular medium and into webcomics! There are a lot of webcomics, and of extremely varying quality. Finding one that is worthwhile is almost like finding a diamond! Well, I have found quite a few of these "diamonds" and am going to share a few of them with you!

Trying Human is a sci-fi romance story about an alien who becomes smitten by a human girl. Conspiracies, mysteries, and cuteness abound; Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy

Evil Diva is a comic about a cute little devil-girl with a heart of gold who gets given magical powers to help save the day!; Magical Girl, Romance, Comedy

Sfeer Theory is an interesting comic. I'm not exactly sure where to categorize this. Is it alternate historical? Fantasy? I'm honestly not really sure, but I love it either way.